Double Tap strain is indica-dominant with 70% indica and 30% sativa. It’s THC level, which is at 20%, is higher than most strains in the market. Meanwhile, it has a CBD level of 2%. This is a cross between three classic strains– Bloo’s Kloos, Yeti OG, and Monster Cookies. The buds are forest green in color; the leaves are minty green; the trichome coating is amber. Double Tap smells like diesel and pine but tastes like sweet grape.

When you smoke Double Tap, you’ll experience a mind and body high that is heavy in nature. The cerebral rush will get to you one minute after your first toke. This will fill you with a pure sense of happiness. You will also experience improved creativity. After a while, you will become more chatty and sociable. However, you will stay in this state for long. In time, you sink into a state of relaxation, which might leave you immovable for several hours. Thus, this strain is best used at night, especially if you’re attending a party.

You can use Double Tap to treat medical conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, fatigue, headache, migraine, glaucoma, and spinal cord injury.

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