Developed by Crockett Family Farms, Double Tangie Banana is a sativa-dominant strain with 60% sativa, 40% indica, and 14% – 18% THC level. It is a cross between Tangie and Banana Sherbet strains. In 2015, it won 2nd place in Norcal Medical Cup for Best Sativa Concentrate. This orange-flavored strain is packed with an addictive sweet citrus-like smell. There’s no doubt that Double Tangie Banana is made for those who love flavorful strains. The buds are mint green in color with orange hairs and crystal white trichomes.

Upon the first sweet and fruity exhale, you’ll immediately feel a sense of euphoria and energy enter your mind and body. This will improve your mood and allow you to proceed with your work with great enthusiasm. In time, you will feel a relaxing feeling wash over you. This will pull you into a state of calm. However, it will not make you sleepy, so you can still perform the tasks you have in line for the day.

Double Tangie Banana is not only for recreational use but also for medicinal remedy. You can use this strain to treat depression and stress. It can also relieve fatigue, migraines, headache, and chronic pain.

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