Double Purple Doja is a balanced hybrid with 50% indica and 50% sativa. Its THC level ranges from 12% to 17%. It also has 17% CBD content, so it’s not recommended to those who respond negatively to CBD. Mostly found in the state of Washington, this strain is a popular descendant of both Black Russian and Sputnik #1 strains. Though a balanced hybrid, it’s indica effects are stronger. Its buds are purple in appearance with spots of red and green. Around them is a blanket to white trichomes. Double Purple Doja has a smell and taste similar to that of fruit berry and musk.

The combination of Black Russian and Sputnik #1 has given rise to a strain that offers a powerful euphoric high. Because of its sedating quality, it’s best that you smoke Double Purple Doja at night. Though it can make you sleepy, it will leave you with enough energy to perform creative and social activities. You will also notice a body buzz calming your muscles. Side effects of this strain include red eyes and cottonmouth.

Double Purple Doja can be the perfect remedy for muscle spasms, seizures, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. Though it does not greatly affect the mind, you can also use it to treat depression and stress.

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