Donegal is a strain that is sativa-dominant with 60% sativa, 40% indica, and about 18% THC level. Donegal’s parent strain is Chemdawg Strain. It has dark green leaves. Meanwhile, its nugs are covered with thick frosty white trichomes. It also has golden brown streaks that are thinly distributed everywhere. It has a contrasting mixture of aromas. It has a citrus scent that is blended with spicy and woody scents. When heating this strain, it will release the strong diesel aroma. After you exhale the smoke from this strain, you’ll notice that the flavor is dominated by a woody citrus and diesel.

It has a head high introductory effect that will make you feel energized and euphoric at the same time. Donegal can make you feel more sociable. After that, a lazy feeling will slowly linger. This will soon make you crave to sleep or just sit on a couch and do nothing.

This strain can help in treating depression and stress because of its relaxing effects. It can also help you to relieve insomnia because of its tranquillizing effect. If you are coping with your trembling and aching body, you could try Donegal.

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