Dirty Widow Strain is sativa-dominant with 70% sativa and 30% indica. Its THC level is at 22%, which makes it a favorite among the most experienced users. This is a cross between the White Widow and Dirty Girl strains. The buds of this strain are green in color with thin orange hairs. They are coated in a blanket of crystal trichomes. When you break the nugs, they will exhibit a delicious earthy aroma with a light touch of lemon scent. The flavor is about the same; it tastes like spicy citrus accented with woody pine-like flavor.

This strain loads you with a strong sense of euphoria. It can stimulate creativity and will make it easier for you to engage in conversations. In fact, you might find yourself talking for hours on end. However, these effects will soon wear out, and you will turn stoney. You will then have difficulty getting anything done as it affects your focus. Be sure to prepare water as Dirty Widow strain will definitely make you thirsty.

Dirty Widow strain is perfect for treating medical conditions like depression and stress. You can also use it to remedy appetite loss and fatigue.

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