Deep Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid with 80% indica and 20% sativa components accompanied by a THC level of about 20% on average. It was created by Spanish breeder Dinafem who claims that it will give users a moderate physical and mental high. This strain is rather obscure, so consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on it. The bud is long, leafy, and green with reddish shades and a covering of white frost. True to its name, it has a cheesy and skunky aroma and taste.

As one would expect from its heritage, it comes with a strong and relaxing physical high. However, it does not overpower the creative boost brought by the sativa. Upon taking a hit, you will experience euphoria and openness that will set off your creative juices. You will feel very social and talkative, making it a great strain for social events.

Medicinal users will find this strain highly useful. Deep Cheese is a great strain for treating depression and anxiety disorders. It will also relieve users of nausea, headaches, and a lack of appetite. People who suffer from chronic stress will also benefit from using this.

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