Damnesia contains 60% sativa and 40% indica with about 16% – 19% of THC. It is a cross between the Amnesia Haze and the classic Anti-Mould Strain (AMS). The Damnesia strain is famous for its pleasant smell of sweet incense and black pepper and its taste of spicy herbs. It leaves a sandalwood aftertaste. In appearance, this strain has light green leaves, dense spear-shaped buds, and reddish pistils. It grows to an average height of 30 – 78 inches.

This strain activates your social senses, thus making you feel relaxed and happy. It allows you to initiate creative conversations and boosts your mental focus. Furthermore, it relieves you from pain, stress, anxiety, as well as raises your appetite.  On the downside, this strain can dry up your mouth. Therefore, you would want to have a bottle of water ready while using Damnesia.

Considering its effects, Damnesia is the best strain to try if you are looking to start a project that needs profound thoughts, or you have a decreased appetite. Furthermore, Damnesia would be the ideal strain if you have chronic depression and low self-esteem. It is also used by those suffering from painful conditions like arthritis or injuries.

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