Crystal Gayle is an indica-dominant strain composed of 50% indica and 50% sativa with 16% to 18% THC content. It features buds with a thick sparkling trichomes coat. It has an intense combination of citrus and diesel aroma. Its taste is herbal but is further accented by earthy pine notes. Its buds are made up of huge, dense, and heavy pepper-shaped olive green nugs with a sticky sweet resin coating and rich amber hairs.

Crystal Gayle offers an immediate and powered euphoric high that triggers motivation, focus, and energy. It offers a high that leaves you extra focused and clear-headed, allowing you to tackle complex tasks with better concentration and attention to detail. However, as its concentration in the body increases, you will experience a relaxing thrill. This will later cause laziness and incredible hunger.

As a medicine, Crystal Gayle is used in alleviating poor appetite, mood swings, mild to moderate depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Moreover, it is ideal for people who require creative inspirations like artists and musicians as it triggers you to think outside the box and come up with solutions that you normally would not have achieved.

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