Critical Bilbo is an indica-dominant strain with 30% sativa and 70% indica. Its THC level is high. What people know is that it has originated from Spain. It is a cross-breed of Skunk and Afghani strains. Critical Bilbo produces slightly dense buds that tend to break its branches when they mature. These buds are known to emit a fruity aroma that encourages users to consume it. Critical Bilbo comes in a combination of flavors such as earthy, sweet, and tobacco. This strain can thrive indoors and outdoors and takes up to 50 days to mature.

This strain is considered robust and is a legend among its consumers. If you’re an experienced user, this hybrid compound is ideal for you because of it will leave you feeling intoxicated. Critical Bilbo has psychoactive properties. It energizes the body, relaxes the mind, and makes you more sociable. One dose of Critical Bilbo is enough to give you a strong body high. It also helps stabilize mood and initiate giggles. The ideal time to consume this product is in the evening or at night as it works to induce a long-lasting high.

Critical Bilbo can relieve stress, migraines, depression, and depression. This hybrid compound can relax you and ease any chronic pain you may feel.

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