Cotton Purple Chem strain is an evenly-balanced hybrid composed of 50% sativa and 50% indica with about 20% of THC. This strain is thought to be the combination of Purple Cotton and Chemdawg strain. It won the first place in the DOPE Cup in Seattle for the year 2015 as the “People’s Choice”. This strain has a sweet smell of a sweet cotton candy with berry flavors and a skunky pungent aroma. It also has a fruity and sweet cotton candy flavor. Its nugs are in a shape of a medium-sized acorn with dark olive green colors. These nugs contain dark amber hairs, purple undertones, and pale and frosty coating of trichomes.

This strain has a high that will start with a strong uplifting effect. It will instantly give you a powerful boost in mood and erase any racing negative thoughts in your mind. This high will be accompanied by a slow and mellow building buzz that will creep on you before taking over your senses. It will also leave you slightly lazy and completely relaxed. This strain will not make you feel couch-locked or too sedated though.

Because of this strain’s effects, the Cotton Purple Chem strain is a great strain for treating conditions like chronic stress, muscle tremors or spasms, depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.

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