The Black Diesel strain is a hybrid composed of 70% sativa and 30% indica with a THC level of around 17-19%. It had been bred by Advanced Seeds as a cross of the NYC Diesel and Black Domina. It is also a Cannabis Cups winner in multiple categories. This sativa plant has purple, orange and pink flowers and large, dense buds covered by a layer of crystal trichomes. It has a distinctive peppery citrus taste, accompanied by the pungent aroma of ripe grapefruits with sour undertones.

This marijuana brings on an instant high in the form of an uplifting and calming cerebral effect. You can also expect a boost in your energy and euphoric bliss. In a matter of minutes, it will also show the effects of its indica lineage with the whole body relaxation that you will feel. It is good for soothing the body and stimulating your mind. Heed warning, though. Excessive intakes of the Black Diesel strain might bring about headaches, dizziness and anxiety.

The effects of the Black Diesel makes it a great strain to use for those suffering from conditions like depression, body pains, arthritis, sclerosis and glaucoma.

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