The Big Sur Holy Bud is a sativa dominant hybrid that is made of 70% sativa and 30% indica. Not much is known about it, especially its CBD levels or THC levels, but it is still very popular. After all, it has descended from the famous Zacatecas Purple and the Mazar I Sharif strains, both of which are potent. Because of its potency, it is a well known medical strain that is quite limited in number. It is mostly found in Oregon. It tastes like licorice candy and spicy pepper

This strain is good for uplifting your mood and giving you a nice euphoric feeling. It will make you feel light and airy. Overall, it is a very effective relaxant and is also a good anti-stress medium. It is good for newcomers and part-time smokers. 

Due to this, it is very good for people who are suffering from two very common mental conditions, depression and anxiety. Aside from just depression and anxiety, this strain is also very good for other conditions as well such as chronic pain and severe stress. It is also very good for containing seizures and other conditions that have very similar symptoms. 

If you have any questions about this strain, feel free to ask below.