The Berkeley strain is a 100% sativa with a potent THC level that ranges anywhere from 24% to 28%. Its parentage remains unknown. There are rumors that it was a project by a botany student of the eponymous University of California campus. Its buds are dense and have a mixture of dark olive and mint green in color. Meanwhile, its nugs are threaded with fiery orange hairs and covered by a smattering of milky white trichomes. Its smell can be likened to ammonia with hints of sweet and spicy herbs. It boasts of a herbal tea flavor with a peppery aftertaste.

Upon smoking this sativa, you will feel uplifted and euphoric. It will stimulate your mind, and you will receive a boost in creativity and energy, which makes it a popular strain among artists. However, be warned that its abnormally high THC levels might induce anxiety or paranoia if it is consumed improperly.

Berkeley is a strain that patients who suffer from afflictions like chronic stress, fatigue and migraines will benefit from. It is fine to take in the daytime, but make sure to check the dosage you take to avoid the negative side effects.

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