Bediol is a sativa-dominant hybrid composed of 70% sativa and 30% indica. It has about 5% to 6% THC level and an 8% CBD level. This strain actually has an unknown genetic composition because of the high secrecy of its breeder. A Bediol bud has fluffy round minty green nugs that have thin amber hairs. It has amber trichomes coating. When the nug is broken apart and burnt, it releases a fresh earthy citrus aroma with hints of herbs and pine. Its flavor has a kick of sour citrus and fresh pine that dance across your tongue.

Bediol is highly popular and is regularly sought after due to its pain-relieving effects. A high CBD level has been proven beneficial in treating a wide variety of conditions. The high you get when smoking this strain is very mellow as its THC levels are low. A light buzz immediately eases your pains and aches away. After that, you’ll be feeling slightly drowsy. Your body will be washed with a relaxing calm. But be warned, you’ll most definitely get hungry afterwards, so you better prepare a snack ahead.

Bediol strain is a perfect choice to treat a wide variety of conditions like a migraine, eye problem, and arthritis.

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