Alice in Wonderland strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid composed of 85% sativa and 15% indica with about 15%-23% THC. Many believe that it has descended from the famous Willy’s Wonder strain. It has buds that have an aroma of delicious pungent floral earth, and it tastes like a floral blueberry with a little of earthy tone. These buds have a neon green color and nugs in a shape of medium-sized spade that have patches of minty green. These nugs also have rich amber hairs. They are have thick layers of frosted milky white trichomes with resin that is sweet and sticky.

Its THC level gives an effect of feeling like you’re falling down into a rabbit hole. Many users describe this strain as an experience that will give you intensely elevated sense. You will feel uplifted and happy with tendencies of being insanely creative without feeling anxiety, which is common to those strain with high sativas. Alex in Wonderland is great for outdoor activities and exploring.

Because of these effects, Alice in Wonderland is said to be great for treating patients with stress, moderate depression, chronic pain due to illness, and fatigue.

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